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Phone: 206.781.0199
Fax: 206.784.5116
Address: 2232 NW Market St, Seattle WA 98107
Hours: m-f: 9am-6pm, sat: 10am-6pm
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Ballard Licensing Washington State Licensing Services

We provide Washington State licensing services for the ENTIRE State of Washington. Just because we are in Ballard does not mean you have to be in Ballard or even Seattle to get our fast, friendly, EASY service. If you are in Spokane or Bellingham or Olympia or Tacoma or Walla Walla, we can help you with your Washington State vehicle or vessel registration.

Particularly when it comes to your vehicle or vessel tab or tag renewal. If you are in Spokane or Bellingham or Olympia or Tacoma or Walla Walla, we can help you Get FAST online tab renewal and have them mailed to you the same business day!

Just remember:

  • When you get to the step: "Which office do you want to get your tabs from?" click "change start location" then enter the address (zip code) 98107 and click "Find Offices".
  • Then choose Ballard Auto Licensing Agency from the list below.
  • For ANY location (zip code) in Washington State you must choose Ballard Licensing in order to get our fast service!*

Click here now to Get Washington State car tabs for ANY address in WA State as soon as the next business day

We provide a range of Washington State vehicle registration and licensing related services with a friendly smile and in the blink of an eye. We are an official Washington State Full Service Vehicle and Vessel Licensing sub agency and are open extended hours for your convenience. While we mostly help people with their King County vehicle licensing needs, we can help anyone who resides in Washington State with their car or boat licensing, registration, license plate, or renewal needs. Look to the left bar for contact information and a map to our location.

Ballard Licensing does not provide driver's license services. Click here for Driver's License information.

See the list below to find out how we can best serve you.

Benefits of using Ballard Licensing

At Ballard Licensing we provide customer focused, fast and friendly service.

  • Ballard Licensing will get your tabs to you as soon as one business day for ANY address in Washington State.
  • Ballard Licensing creates jobs, supports the community and local small businesses.
  • Ballard Licensing offers a variety of valuable services such as fast friendly service, easy access, extended hours and extended information services via this website.


Ballard Licensing has been in business since 1989 serving Washington State residents with their Washington State vehicle licensing needs. Then, just as now, we have always been committed to providing fast and friendly service.


Ballard Licensing strives to be the definitive source for Washington State and King County Licensing needs for Washington State vehicle registration and licensing services within the scope of our sub agent category. We strive to provide these services in a manner that is expedient and friendly in order to enable our customers to focus on higher priorities.

Sights on the future

Ballard Licensing will always strive to improve and expand the services we provide to our customers. Our innovative and entrepreneurial sprit, combined with our uncompromising customer service will ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers. We hope that this approach will also enable us to serve many new customers as well.

Definition of a Sub Agency

Ballard Licensing is an official Washington State Full Service Vehicle and Vessel Registration and Licensing sub agency. This means that we are licensed by the State of Washington to process and accommodate customers' Washington State vehicle and vessel registration license plate and tab renewals and title needs.

The Washington State Department of Licensing defines a sub agent as, "A private person(s) who contracts with the county to provide licensing services on behalf of the state."

We are a fully staffed facility capable of handling a variety of licensing related services. We can accommodate any resident in Washington State with their car and boat licensing or registration needs.


Ballard Licensing is always looking for talented and motivated individuals to contribute to our team. Please feel free to submit your résumé in .PDF format to Résumés not provided in .PDF format will be disregarded.

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all auto and vessel licensing services provided by Ballard Licensing in King County, Washington can also be provided by any of the vehicle/vessel licensing offices across the state.
We hope you will choose Ballard Licensing because of our fast service and our commitment to our customers. Thank you!