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Phone: 206.781.0199
Fax: 206.784.5116
Address: 2232 NW Market St, Seattle WA 98107
Hours: m-f: 9am-6pm, sat: 10am-6pm
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  don't get a ticket for expired seattle, king county, washington state car license tabs or tags - renew your seattle car license tabs or tags today

Ballard Licensing Fast-Tabs:

Renew Tabs
renew your tabs online demo of renewal steps renew your tabs in person at ballard licensingfull disclosure of fees for renewal

Title Change
change address or name replace a lost titletransfer a title

New to Washington
registering your vehiclegetting a driver's license

ballard licensing washington state services benefits of using ballard licensinghistorymissionsights on the futuredefinition of a sub agencyemployment

Ballard Licensing
what is a sub agent? why should i pay a "service charge"? how can i pay? where are you located? what are your hours?

Tab Renewal
can i renew my tabs online? are there any extra fees for renewing my tabs online? can i use ballard licensing if my address in NOT in king county? are the fees any different if i renew online or in person? what information do i need to have? can someone else renew my tabs for me?

Emissions Testing
what is an emissions test? how do i know if i need to get an emissions test? how much does an emissions test cost? where do i go to get an emissions test? what happens after i get an emissions test?

For financial institutions
ballard licensing financial institutions services ballard licensing financial institutions clients

Notary Services





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all auto and vessel licensing services provided by Ballard Licensing in King County, Washington can also be provided by any of the vehicle/vessel licensing offices across the state.
We hope you will choose Ballard Licensing because of our fast service and our commitment to our customers. Thank you!